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Ms. Angelly

1st Grade

Special Classes
Monday and Wednesday - P.E. Please have your child wear tennis shoes on these days or bring them and change.
Tuesday - Art
Thursday - Computers
* We will have an additional P.E. every other Friday. The x-tra P.E. schedule is  posted on Ms. Partridge's page.  
Sorry for all the changes, we are back to going to the Library on Monday. Everyone should've brought a book home today.  They may read it several times and return by next Monday.  If your child reads it three times, they can take an A.R. test over it.

This week's lesson plan

December 11-15
Rose Robot Cleans Up

 Please have your child read p.84-105.   Please have your child read it aloud to you every day. Please review questions on p.107 with your child.  Our new phonics sounds are long o words and long u words.  Some examples to practice include  tune  Luke  dome  mule  flute  hole  phone  stone  hose  nose  chose  rode  spoke  cute and used.  Continue to review the digraphs are wh, ch, ph and tch.  Words to practice include  
pitch  catch  hitch  hatch  while  when  which  whiz  whip  much  such  inch  chin  chill  chunk  batch  whale  
Please continue to practice long i and long a words that are spelled with a silent e.   

Sight Words 

 hope  use  work  find  after  new  done  old      


cube  cute  rope  hope  nose  note  whale  chop  new  old       

We practice these every day.  We write them, spell them, write sentences with them, etc.  For some students, this is still not enough.  That is why I ask you to work on them each week as homework.  Thank you so much.  I feel like we are a team and together we can help your child be successful.    
  I give a practice test on Thursday.  If your child makes a 100%, they get a few minutes of free time while the others take their spelling test again.

  In Math, we are back to subtraction. We are learning to use a ten frame to make a ten first to help us subtract.  This is confusing and a number of students are not catching on.  Please talk to your child about paying attention and not giving up.  They will get it if they stay with me and do the examples.  I'm having trouble with several students not paying attention.   We  have also learned to subtract 1, 2 or 3 from a bigger number.  This strategy is called count back.  We have also learned that we can use addition to help us subtract.  Think 3+ ? = 8.  8-3= ?   The more facts your child knows, the easier each lesson will be for them. Every week we take a two minute math fluency quiz.  It is called L  to J.  It has a mix of addition and subtraction problems on it.  I have explained to the kids that the challenge is for them to see if they can more problems correct each week.  Our goal by the end is for each child to get all 10 correct.

We are taking a test on Tues and Wed.  I sent home a completed review for you to go over with your child last week.  We did the review in class together and reviewed again on Monday.  We will start our next chapter on Thursday.  It will cover fact families. 


 Encourage your child to write sentences for you at home. We have been working on writing sentences in class.  We learned that a statement is a sentence that tells something.  We also know a sentence starts with a capital letter, ends with a period and is a complete thought that makes sense. We are also working on using question marks and exclamation marks. We are working on nouns again this week.  We are learning that every sentence has a noun and a noun names a person, place or thing. We are working on singular and plural nouns.  Last week we were  working some more on proper nouns like names of cities, streets and states.  We will continue working on nouns.  We have also learned that days, month, and holidays are proper nouns and start with a capital letter.
This week we will be starting on verbs.  We will start with action verbs like run, jump, hop, ride, etc.  We are continuing to work on verbs.
 We are working on past tense verbs this week.

Most of the class is doing really well with A.R.  Ask your child now and then  what they are reading and if they made a 100%.  To make our goal, we have to read and test over about 16 books. This means taking about two tests a week.  
Almost the whole class has made their goal and several have doubled. Way to go First Grade!

Also, we have a snack cart break Friday afternoons.  A snack cost 75 cents. If you would like your child to have something, please send the money on Friday. If we don't have school on a Friday, we will try to have snack cart on Thursday.