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Ms. Angelly

1st Grade

Special Classes
Monday and Wednesday - P.E. Please have your child wear tennis shoes on these days or bring them and change.
Tuesday - Art
Thursday - Computers
* We will have an additional P.E. every other Friday. The x-tra P.E. schedule is  posted on Ms. Partridge's page.  
Sorry for all the changes, we are back to going to the Library on Monday. Everyone should've brought a book home today.  They may read it several times and return by next Monday.  If your child reads it three times, they can take an A.R. test over it.

This week's lesson plan


Dot and Jabber and the Big Bug Mystery

   Please have your child read it aloud to you every day. This helps improve fluency and comprehension. Please have them read pages 100-127 and review questions on p.129. Our skill this week is making predictions. 


Sight Words

gone  been  before  searching  clues  invisible  sudden  spider   


Spelling Words

dentist  happen  protect  begin  rabbit  baby  reuse  unpack  before  been


We are finishing the chapter on time and measurement.  We should have the test about Thursday.  I will send the review sheet home the night before. 
      Please continue to work on learning math facts. I have started sending home practice papers for you to work on at home with your child. These do not have to be done, but will give your child additional practice.  Everyone can benefit from this.  They do not need to be returned unless you have a question.
  The more facts your child knows, the easier each lesson will be for them. Every week we take a two minute math fluency quiz.  It is called L  to J.  It has a mix of addition and subtraction problems on it.  I have explained to the kids that the challenge is for them to see if they can more problems correct each week.  Our goal by the end is for each child to get all 10 problems correct.


 Encourage your child to write sentences for you at home. We have been working on writing sentences in class all year.  Several are still having trouble with question marks.  Please review this with your child. 
We are still working on how to write a complete sentence when answering a question.  

We are doing really well with A.R.  Ask your child now and then  what they are reading and if they made a 100%.  To make our goal, we have to read and test over about 18-20 books. This means taking about two tests a week. Please keep in mind, students can test over books they have been reading at home, as long as the book is their level.  If you don't know how to look up the level, send the book to school or send me the title and I will look it up. 
Watch for completed reading logs coming home.  Five students have made their goal and several others are very close.  Most of the class is reading second grade level books.  Way to go First Graders!

Also, we have a snack cart on

 Friday afternoons.  A snack cost 75 cents. If you would like your child to have something, please send the money on Friday. If we don't have school on a Friday, we will try to have snack cart on Thursday.