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Ms. Angelly

1st Grade

Special Classes
Monday and Wednesday - P.E. Please have your child wear tennis shoes on these days or bring them and change.
Tuesday - Art
Thursday - Computers
* We will have an additional P.E. every other Friday. The x-tra P.E. schedule is  posted on Ms. Partridge's page.  
We  go to the Library now Friday morning. The Monday change was not working out for us. Please have library books back by Friday.  Sorry about the changes.  We are still trying to find a time slot that will work better for us.

This week's lesson plan

October 16-20
On The Map

Please have your child read the story aloud daily.  Also, going over the questions at the end of the article will help with comprehension.  In this story, we will discuss main idea and details. 

Sight Words 

  live  place  many  out  grass  still    


men  let  out  many  grab  grass  spin  spill  drop  drip      

We practice these every day.  We write them, spell them, write sentences with them, etc.  For some students, this is still not enough.  That is why I ask you to work on them each week as homework.  Thank you so much.  I feel like we are a team and together we can help your child be successful.    
  I give a practice test on Thursday.  If your child makes a 100%, they get a few minutes of free time while the others take their spelling test again.

  In Math, we are back to addition.  We are learning about adding in any order.  We will also learn counting on  in this chapter. Every week we take a two minute math fluency quiz.  It is called L  to J.  It has a mix of addition and subtraction problems on it.  I have explained to the kids that the challenge is for them to see if they can more problems correct each week.  Our goal by the end is for each child to get all 10 correct consistently.  Most of the class is getting 3 or 4 right now.  We did have a few students get a 7 and an 8!  Way to go First Grade!     


 Encourage your child to write sentences for you at home. We have been working on writing sentences in class.  We learned that a statement is a sentence that tells something.  We also know a sentence starts with a capital letter, ends with a period and is a complete thought that makes sense. We are also working on using question marks and exclamation marks. We are working on nouns again this week.  We are learning that every sentence has a noun and a noun names a person, place or thing. We are working on singular and plural nouns.


Please remember Library day has been changed (for now) to Friday.
Also, we have a snack cart break Friday afternoons.  A snack cost 75 cents. If you would like your child to have something, please send the money on Friday.