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Third grade math can be very challenging.  There are so many new concepts being taught, and we move rather quickly in order to cover all of the material before the state testing in March.  You will find both helpful learning techniques and useful web pages below.  If you would like to see our sequence of content, please click on the link below.

Math Sequence of Content

Students may log-in to the website at home using the same user name and password as they do for Accelerated Reader.

Click on the math book below to go to your Go Math assignments or for additional practice lessons.

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3rd grade lessons!)




Addition and Subtraction Concepts

Place Value and Number Sense

Compare, Order, and Round Numbers

Multiplication Facts and Patterns

Understand Fractions

Add and Subtract Like Fractions

Fractions and Decimals

Decimals and Money

Geometric Figures

Congruence and Symmetry

Perimeter, Area, and Volume

Customary Units

Metric Units and Temperature

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