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Mrs. Trovillion

Welcome to 2nd grade!!!

I am excited about the year ahead and

look forward to getting to know all of you.

Together we can make this year a success

for every student. 


Our newsletter includes vocabulary words & definitions,spelling words, and important dates and news.

Please keep in mind that lesson plans are 
subject to change depending on 
completion of subjects prior 
and special activities. 
Thank you!!

We will be spending about 1 week on each of our Reading stories.
At the end of each story we will have a short comprehension test.
There are 5-6 Vocabulary words and definitions that go along with our story.
 They are listed on the weekly newsletter.

Click here to practice 2nd Grade Sight Words at the medium speed.



Product Details

GO MATH is our classroom curriculum.

Click the links below for some fun math sites to help with 2nd grade math skills.

Click here to access 2nd grade common core aligned math practice. 

Students may log-in to the website at home using the same user name and password as they do for Accelerated Reader.

Welcome to Think Central
Click on the link below to access Think Central
use your child's AR user name as the username AND jesjes as the password for thinkcentral.

Some extra, fun math websites:

Click on the link below for great 
interactive Common Core math worksheets.








We will have 15  Spelling words on our weekly Spelling tests.


We are using the Class Dojo behavior management system this year. Class Dojo is a fun way  to track student behavior and learning skills throughout the day. You as parents can log-in at anytime throughout the week to see how your child is doing. You will also receive a report every Friday by email. Students will be awarded points for positive behaviors and skills and will have points taken away for negative actions. We are working toward a goal of 400 Dojo points this year to earn a black belt!  

You can click on the link below to go to the Class Dojo website.

Acclerated Reader
 Every student is encouraged to read books and take AR tests. AR goals are set every 9 weeks and are based on each child's reading level and range (ZPD range) using data from the STAR assessment. There are books in our classroom and in our school library that may be read for AR. You may also read books from home. Students are expected to maintain an 85% average on the tests they take. We have silent reading time every day for students to read self selected books for AR. Students are able to take tests in the classroom, during Library time and when we go to the computer lab.


  Here are some of our favorite book series and their websites:


Scholastic Book Clubs

Send your money/check and order form to school or order online at:

Our class activation code:  FLZD2


 Special Classes:
Monday: P.E.

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: P.E.

Thursday: Computers

Friday: Music

Every other Friday: Extra P.E.

**Please remember to send your child to
school in tennis shoes on P.E. days.**

Please feel free to contact me at 

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