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Ms. Weatherbee

6th Grade



     Welcome to our class website! This site will be updated weekly, so check back each Monday to see what is going on in the 6th grade. 

Dear Parents,
    I believe that communication is the key to great student-teacher and parent-teacher relationships. I encourage you to contact me if you have questions or concerns at any time. You may send me a note via email at, or feel free to call the office and set up an appointment to see me after school. By working together, I feel sure that we will all have a successful year.



Ms. Weatherbee 

Monday- P.E., Band, and Choir
Tuesday- Art
Wednesday- P.E.
Thursday- Computers and Band
Friday-Music (Additional P.E. every other Friday)

Week of August 20, 2018
 (Please Note:  These plans are posted each week on Monday. 
Changes may occur during the week due to the need for reteaching,
student participation in assemblies,  band performances, etc...) 

Spelling  Word of the Week: colossal

Monday- wb. p. 1 Alphabetize, wb. p. 2 Word Study

Tuesday-  wb. p. 3 Word Sort, wb. p. 4 Word Meanings

Wednesdaywb. p. 5 Proofread and Write, wb. p. 6 Multiple Choice Spelling Words

Thursday- Sparkle and Spelling Bee
Friday- Spelling Test
Monday- Lesson 1.2 Prime Factorization

Tuesday- Lesson 1.3 Least Common Multiple

Wednesday- Lesson 1.4 Greatest Common Factor
Thursday- Lesson 1.5 Problem Solving: Apply GCF

Friday- Lesson 1.6 Add & Subtract Decimals

Monday- Listen to "Summer of the Swans", Vocabulary Notebook

Tuesday Read "Summer of the Swans"
Wednesday- wb. p. 1 Vocabulary, wb. p. 2 Comprehension: Character, Setting, and Plot 

Thursdaywb. p. 5 Text Feature: Photo & Caption, wb. p. 6 Vocabulary Strategy: Multiple Meaning Words

Friday- Reading Test, AR Test
Reading Tiers


Social Studies


Tuesday- Read "The Five Themes of Geography"

Wednesday- Read "Using Maps"

Thursday- Take Notes



Monday- Lesson 1: Classifying Living Things

Tuesday- Finish Lesson 1: Classifying Living Things

Wednesday Lesson 1 Outline

ThursdayLesson 2: The Plant Kingdom

Friday- Watch "Classification of Living Things" 


Monday- DOL, wb. p. 1 Sentences
Tuesday- DOL, wb. p. 2 Sentences, wb. p. 3 Mechanics

Wednesday- DOL

Thursday- DOL, wb. p. 5 Sentences


Sometimes the right book is all it takes to nurture a child's love of reading. That's why I'm
pleased that our class will be participating in Scholastic Book Clubs this school year. I will be 
sending home book club flyers each month, but you may order online if you prefer.  
Simply click on the Scholastic link below, and use the Class Activation Code GWQH2

 Click here to go to IXL Math website. 

        The following link will show you which IXL assignments go with our Go Math lessons. 



Click here for math games. 

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Click here to review for science. 

Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Science Grade 6

Click here to review for spelling.

 Click here to go to reading website to review vocabulary.

Click here to go to math website for review.


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