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Mrs. Windhorst

Lesson Plans for Week of February 5, 2018

Tests this week: Wednesday or Thursday Math Test Chapter 5
                         Friday Spelling Test
                         Friday Reading Quiz

    Monday Pages 268/269 (textbook) R/P 55 Mixed Review
    Tuesday Pages 270/271 (textbook) R/P 56 Comparative/Superlative Adjectives
    Wednesday Pages 272/273 (textbook) R/P 57 More/Most
    Thursday Pages 274/275 (textbook) R/P 58 Good/Bad
    Friday Pages 276/277 (textbook) R/P Combining Sentences with adjectives

    Monday Lesson 5.8 Pages 335-338. Chapter 5 Test Review
    Tuesday Review Pages 337/338. Assign Pages 339/340. Work on Ch 5 Test Review
    Wednesday Ch 5 Test Review
    Thursday Begin Ch 6 Adding, Subtracting Fractions

    Monday Vocab Words. Read story to class.
    Tuesday Read story. PB Pages 155, 158.
    Wednesday PB Pages 160/161,
    Thursday Spectrum Pages "Petite Picasso"
    Friday Reading quiz

    Monday Assign Pages 98-101. (Due Friday)
    Friday Test

Science None

Social Studies
    Monday Read Pages 168-171. 7.1 Outline "Early European Settlements"
    Tuesday Read Pages 174-177. 7.2 Outline "Search for NW Passage"
    Wednesday Read Pages 178-185. 7.3 Outline "Jamestown Colony"
    Thursday Read Pages 186-191. 7.4 Outline "Plymouth Colony"

Tentative Only. Subject to Change.