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Mrs. Windhorst

Lesson Plans for week of December 4, 2017

Tests this week: Thursday: Reading Quiz
                                        Spelling Test
                         Friday:     Math Test Chapter 3
                                        Social Studies Ch 5 Test

    Monday None
    Tuesday Pages 186/187 (textbook) R/P 42 "Linking Verbs"
    Wednesday Pages 188/189; R/P 43 "Irregular Verbs"
    Thursday Pages 190/191; R/P 44 "More Irregular Verbs"
    Friday None

    Monday Lesson 3/10 Pages 207-210 "Patterns with Decimals"
    Tuesday Rev. Pages 209/210. Assign 211/212; Lesson 3.11 " +,- Money"
    Wednesday Rev. Pages 215/216; Assign 217/218. Ch 3 Test Review
    Thursday Go over Test Review
    Friday Ch 3 Test

    Monday Vocab Words; Read story
    Tuesday Read story; PB Pages 110/111, 116
    Wednesday Spectrum Page "Spelling Your Way to Success"
    Thursday Quiz
    Friday None

    Monday Assign Pages 74-77. (Due Friday)
    Thursday Test

Social Studies
    Monday Read Pages 114-117. 5.1 Outline "Asian Emperors and Traders"
    Tuesday Read Pages 120-123. 5.2 Outline "African Kingdoms"
    Wednesday Read Pages 124-127. 5.3 Outline "Europe's Age of Exploration"
    Thursday Review Ch 5 Test
    Friday Ch 5 Test

Tentative Only. Subject to Change