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Mrs. Windhorst

Lesson Plans for the week of August 20, 2018 (This is tentative only. Subject to change.)

Tests this week: Friday Reading Quiz
                                  Spelling Test
                                  Social Studies Test (Maybe)

    Monday Vocab Words: approached, autograph, blurted, clenched, fare, permission, scald, spectacular
    Tuesday Read story to class. Practice Book Pages 2A, 5, 7, 8
    Wednesday Read story together in class. Work on Practice Book Pages 
    Thursday Spectrum Pages "Australia's Giant Toads"
    Friday Quiz "Goin Someplace Special"

    Monday Assign Pages 3-5A (due Friday)
    Friday Test

    Monday Lesson 1.2 Pages 11-14. Lesson 1.3 Pages 17-20.
    Tuesday Review Pages 13/14. Assign Pages 15/16. Review Pages 19/20. Assign Pages 21/22.
    Wednesday Lesson 1.4 Pages 23-26. Lesson 1.5 Pages 29-32.
    Thursday Review Pages 24-26. Assign 27/28. Review Pages 30-32. Assign Pages 33/34.
    Friday Mid Chapter Checkpoint

Science None

    Monday Pages 2/3 (textbook) Assign R/P 1 "Sentences/Fragments"
    Tuesday Pages 4/5 (textbook) Assign R/P 2 "Declarative/Interrogative Sentences"
    Wednesday Pages 6/7 (textbook) Assign R/P 3 "Imperative/Exclamatory Sentences"
    Thursday Pages 8/9 (textbook) Assign R/P 4 "Compound Sentences"
    Friday Pages 10/11 (textbook) Assign R/P 5 "Sentence Punctuation"

Social Studies
    Monday Read Pages 28-35. Assign 2.1 Outline "The American Land"
    Tuesday Read Pages 36-39. Assign 2.2 Outline "Our Country's Climate"
    Wednesday Read Pages 42-48. Assign 2.3 Outline "Our Country's Natural Resources"
    Thursday Ch 2 Test Review
    Friday Ch 2 Test