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Mrs. Windhorst

Lesson Plans for the week of October 22, 2018

Tests this week:        Wednesday Reading quiz "Up in the Air..."
                                                 Science Chapter 3

    Tuesday Read story. Complete PB Pages 78,79. Review Vocab Words.
    Wednesday Quiz "Up in the Air..."
    Thursday Spectrum Page "Poetry Slam" I can read 5th grade text with purpose and understanding.
    Friday Spectrum Page "Where the Poetry Begins"

Spelling None this week

    Monday Benchmark #2
    Tuesday Lesson 3.10 Pages 207-210. "Patterns w/Decimals" I can use strategies to add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals to the hundredths place.
    Wednesday Review Pages 209/210. Assign Pages 211/212.
    Thursday Lesson 3.11 Pages 213-216. "Add, Subtract Money"
    Friday Review Pages 215/216. Assign Pages 217/218

    Monday Review for Chapter 3 Test
    Wednesday Chapter 3 Test

    Monday None (Band)
    Tuesday Pages 100-101; R/P 24 "Singular Possessive Nouns" I can use apostrophes to show ownership.
    Wednesday Pages 102-103; R/P 25 "Plural Possessive Nouns"
    Thursday Pages 96-97; R/P 22 "Capitalization" I can use capital letters correctly to show proper nouns.
    Friday Pages 98-99; R/P 23 "Mixed Review"

Social Studies
    Tuesday Midwest Region States, Capitals, Abbreviations (Test is Tuesday, November 6th) I can locate states on a map.
    Thursday Read Pages 114-117. 5.1 Outline "Asian Emperors/Traders" I can identify countries/explorers that contributed to the exploration/colonization of the Americas.
    Friday Read Pages 120-123. 5.2 Outline "African Kingdoms"