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Mrs. Windhorst

Lesson Plans for Week of April 30, 2018

Tests this week:    Tuesday Math Ch 8 Test
                            Wednesday Science Ch 10 Test
                            Friday Reading Quiz
                                      Spelling Test

    Monday Vocab Words
    Tuesday Read story. PB Pages 235-237
    Wednesday Read story. PB Pages 239-242
    Thursday Spectrum Pages "Search for Undersea Treasure"
    Friday Quiz

    Monday Assign Pages 159-161 (due Friday)
    Friday Test

    Monday Ch 8 Test Review
    Tuesday Ch 8 Test
    Wednesday Review Perimeter/Area. Begin Volume
    Thursday/Friday Continue to Work on Volume Ch 11.

    Monday Read Pgs D54-D61. Lesson 6 Outline "Air Pressure and Wind"
    Tueseay Review Ch 10 Test
    Wednesday Ch 10 Test
Social Studies
    Thursday West Region States, Capitals, Abbreviations
    Friday Read Pgs 256-261. Ch 10 Lesson 1 Outline. "Spanish Missions"

    Monday None
    Tuesday Pages 424/425 (textbook) R/P 84 "Punctuation in Dialogue"
    Wednesday Pages 426/427; R/P 85 Mixed Review
    Thursday Pages 428/429; R/P 86 "Prepositions"
    Friday Pages 430/431; R/P 87 "Prepositional Phrases"