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Mrs. Windhorst

Lesson Plans for week of October 16, 2017

Tests this week: Thursday Spelling test
                        Thursday Reading Quiz

    Monday Vocab Words; Spectrum Pages "Looking for Something Green"
    Tuesday Read story, PB Pages 74/75, 80
    Wednesday Read story, PB Pages 78/79
    Thursday Quiz
    Friday Encampment

    Monday Assign Pages 50-53A (due Friday)
    Thursday Test
    Monday Review Pages 107/108; Assign 109/110; Mid Ch Ckpt.
    Tuesday Lesson 2.5 Pages 113-116
    Wednesday Review Pgs 115/116; Assign 117/118. Lesson 2.6 Pgs 119-122
    Thursday Review Pgs 121/122; Assign 123/124
    Friday Encampment

    Monday None
    Tuesday Pages 98-99 (textbook) R/P 23 Mixed Review
    Wednesday Pages 100-101; R/P 24 Singular Poss. Nouns
    Thursday Pages 102/103; R/P 25 Plural Poss Nouns
    Friday Encampment

Social Studies
    Monday Read Pgs 90-94; 4.2 Outline "Nat. Amer.of the Southwest"
    Tuesday Read Pgs 96-101; 4.3 Outline "Nat. Amer. of the Plains"
    Wednesday Read Pgs 102-107; 4.4 Outline "Nat. Amer. of the Eastern Woodlands"
    Thursday Review Ch 4 Test
    Friday Encampment