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Mrs. Windhorst

Lesson Plans for Week of April 16, 2018

Tests this week:    Thursday, Social Studies Chapter 9
                            Friday Reading Quiz
                            Friday Spelling Test

    Monday Vocab Words "When Esther Morris Headed West"
    Tuesday Read story; PB pages 217/218
    Wednesday Read story; PB Pages 221/223
    Thursday Spectrum Pages
    Friday Quiz

    Monday Assigned Pages 146-149 (due Friday)
    Friday Test

    This week we will finish up PARCC and work on Chapter 8 "Dividing Fractions"

    Friday Read Pgs D30-D35. Lesson 3 Outline

    Monday None
    Tuesday Pages 360/361 (textbook) R/P 76 "Common Errors w/Pronouns"
    Wednesday Pages 417/418; R/P 80 "Adverbs"
    Thursday Pages 418/419; R/P 81 "Adverbs before Adj. and other Adv"
    Friday Pages 420/421; R/P 82 "Comparing w/Adverbs"

Social Studies
    Monday Read Pgs. 236-241. 9.3 Outline
    Tuesday Read Pgs 244-250; 9.4 Outline
    Wednesday Ch 9 Test Review
    Thursday Ch 9 Test

Note Midwest States, Capitals, and Abbreviations Test is scheduled for Thursday April 26th.