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Mrs. Windhorst

Lesson Plans for week of August 21, 2017

Tests this week:  Friday Reading Quiz    Spelling test   Possibly Science Test

    Monday No School
    Tuesday Read story to class. "Lunch Counter Encounter", "Goin Someplace Special", and "Ruby Bridges" Assigned page on Vocabulary Words and Homophones.
    Wednesday Read story together. Assign page on Timeline
    Thursday Spectrum pages "A New Mate"
    Friday Quiz over all three stories 

    Monday No School
    Tuesday Assigned pages 2-5a (Due Friday)
    Friday Test

    Monday No School
    Tuesday Lesson 1.3 Pages 17-20. Pages 17/18 together. Assigned Pages 19/20
    Wednesday Review pages 19/20. Assign pages 21/22. Begin Lesson 1.4 Pages 23-26
    Thursday Review Lesson 1.4 Pages 25/26 Assign Pages 27/28. Begin Lesson 1.5 Pages 29-32.
    Friday Review Pages 30-32. Assign Pages 33/34

    Monday No School
    Tuesday Read Pages A6-A11 Lesson 1 Outline "Basic Unit of Life"
    Wednesday Read Pages A14-A21 Lesson 2 Outline "Kingdoms of Life"
    Thursday Review for Ch 1 Test
    Friday Ch 1 Test

    Monday No School
    Tuesday Pages 8/9 (textbook) Assign R/P 4 Compound Sentences
    Wednesday Pages 10/11  Assign R/P 5 Sentence Punctuation
    Thursday Pages 12/13  Assign R/P 6 Mixed Review
    Friday Pages 14/15  Assign R/P 7 Complete Sub/Complete Pred

Tentative Only. Subject to change.